Sabi Sounds 013

Sabi Sounds 013

by Sabi The Label

Recently I shared a very vulnerable, honest post about the current climate of my personal life. 

Something rarely talked about amongst sole traders and our customers, is the suffering your business goes through when something devastating happens in your personal life. 

There is no one to fall back on, no financial aid that arrives in your bank account, no guaranteed salary that lands in your wallet to keep the bills paid and the business running.

Sabi has always been a place of safety and distraction through channelling my creativity and 'getting on' with the to-do list.. In the last 19 months, whenever I have gone through hard, painful, experiences, Sabi has been this net to catch me, as focusing on running your business becomes a focal point over the pain. 

This isn't always the healthy route, because it delays the process of sitting with the feelings, processing and moving through.

This time round, I haven't had an option to choose the distraction over the healing. The physical recovery after being hospitalised for a week and being in full time care for the last 2 weeks, has taken priority. Not to mention the emotional toll this traumatic event has taken on my life.

There is just no way I can show up for my business right now, and that breaks my heart. 

Whilst I slowly navigate my life and business, here is a playlist I've made for my recovery and I thought it might be helpful to anyone reading this, who is in a space of pain, healing or recovery.

Again, thank you all for your love and support during this time.

Mon x