Wabi Sabi - Collaborative Swimwear

Wabi Sabi - Collaborative Swimwear

by Sabi The Label

Introducing Wabi Sabi. Limited edition handmade swimwear, crafted from recycled sustainable fabrics and 925 sterling silver.

Dedicating the last 6 months to ensure quality was never compromised whilst keeping timelessness at the forefront, Wabi Sabi is something we’re very proud of. Blending both our worlds beautifully, harmoninsing the contrast of concepts, emanating the core philosophy of wabi sabi. These pieces are made for leisure and pleasure, of all kinds, in and out of the water. Limited stock online now, afterpay available. With love, Sauce & Sabi.

The Romesco bottoms are reversible, allowing you to wear the featured heart hardware at centre front or centre back whilst also giving you two options for coverage (medium or minimal).

The Oyster top features smooth seamless details, sitting flush on the skin, with smooth spaghetti straps and hardware dangling from the middle of the sternum.