How to care for your Sabi

How to care for your Sabi

par Sabi The Label


Our rule for life! When it comes to handmade 925 silver jewellery (or any jewellery for that matter) it's delicate, even if it's a statement piece. From our Large silver heart necklace's and handmade silver chain bracelets to our teardrop earrings and silver chokers, each piece is delicate, unique and carefully handmade. This means the utmost care must be taken.

Whilst being designed for durability and high rotation, its important you look after your Sabi to ensure a long, shiny life.

-When getting ready, your jewellery should be the last one on, and the first one off

-To Restore shine, rub silver gently with our Sabi Polishing Cloth

-Store in it's dust bag, in a cool dry place when not wearing

-Keep dry, especially the suede strap

-Avoid salt or chlorinated water completely