Sabi Sounds ~ 011

Sabi Sounds ~ 011

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Sabi sounds 011 ~ listen here

It's 2024 and I’m in a new mood. Lately, I’ve been spending my weeks split into two locations. My home in Jan Juc, situated right next to Jan Juc Beach, and the other 50%, dotted around various locations in Naarm (Melbourne). Why? Porque No Los Dos! But really, if you can, why not have both? For the last 100+ days, as I watch a genocide take place on the screen of my phone, from the comfort of my privileged life, I am reminded of every reason to be grateful for my life and everything within it, every single day. Feeling a huge weight in my heart for every single Palestinian, child, mother, and husband murdered, I am reminded to hold those I love, so close and to find gratitude for all that I have, for all that I create and all that I get to experience.

Music is one of the few constants in my life, and one of the biggest points of gratitude for me. It helps me process almost everything. I use music like medicine, to help me get into my body to move emotions through it, in a home-style-somatic-healing type way. Every shower I take, every time I get into my car, all day in the studio, there is always always music. 

If you’re reading this, some of you may have seen me out and about, solo, on a dance floor, shaking my arse, swaying my hips, sporting a massive smile. This is where I truly feel myself. Embodied, confident, content, at peace, alive, present. Why solo dancing? A few reasons. I am there to dance, not to look cool, not to social climb, not to just post an Instagram story so everyone knew I was ‘at the party’. When I know there is going to be an artist playing that I feel connected to their music, or the potential for me to hear new music and experience a new artist at work, I will make every effort I can to be there. I don’t need to or want to wait for someone to go with me in order to gain permission to be there. Because at the root of my purpose, is to dance. 

The feeling that runs through my body when I hear a tune, a goooood tune, seeing multiple bodies around me, bopping, smiling, chatting, talking shit, talking deep, feeling just as elated as the next person, I am home. The energy that flows through my limbs, the extra beat in my chest, the liquidity of my hips - I’m not to sure what to call it, but - it feels like bliss. Some nights, you’ll find me planted firmly in one spot on a dancefloor only leaving to take piss breaks. My PB is 27,000 steps in one night. Yep, 27K steps. 

I recently had a chat with my best friend Zoe, who, I regularly share a dance floor session with, sometimes sober, sometimes elated with fine fine party treats. We were discussing the energetic push-pull with the DJ and the patron (us). We boiled it down to trust. When a DJ starts, wether they’re your favourite artist or a new one you’ve not heard before, you’re embarking on a journey, together, along with the - sometimes - thousands of other party-goers. It’s a vulnerable place and space. Dancing is an expression through body, and body is where we hold everything. Trauma, emotion, pain, the day. So, when we move, we process allll of this without even realising (unless you're a bit spiri tapped like us haha). It’s as if the Dj is laying out a path, one paver at a time, and you get to move one step closer, to an uncertain destination as they pave. At any time, you can leave the path or choose a different one if you want, it’s always your choice. But, in music, in the DJ, we trust. Our body moves with the beat, but our internal state moves slowly with the pavers, the unfolding path. Okay, yes, I understand that for some of you reading this, it’s a very fluffy, woo-woo way of saying “I took drugs at a party and danced a bunch”. Sure. For me though, it runs so much deeper. It’s therapy, it's pleasure, its' art, it’s expression, it’s vulnerability, its trust. And it’s not always under the influence. Although, enhancing an experience by using drugs as a vehicle for elevation, is fucking amazing. 

Anyway, this is a very long-winded way of saying, that Sabi Sounds 011 is one of my favourite playlists yet, full of all my favourite tunes I’ve either discovered or resurfaced - much to my delight - this summer. 

I hope you enjoy.

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