How to: Dispose of your Sabi packaging consciously

How to: Dispose of your Sabi packaging consciously

by Sabi The Label

We know that being an online, 925 silver jewellery brand can contribute to things like CO2 emissions from shipping so much stock. So we’ve made it one of our priorities to offset that carbon footprint by choosing sustainable packaging options. From soy based inks, to water activated adhesives, our packaging is almost 100% home compostable and/or recyclable. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to dispose of your Sabi packaging, consciously. 

Tapenoissue Custom Water-Activated Tape is made from FSC-certified materials, and printed using eco-friendly  soy-based inks. This makes it fully home-compostable and curb-side recyclable after use.

Shipping label - HeapsGoodPackaging Shipping Labels are FSC certified and BPA free using thermal printing which means no ink. They are the first of their kind in Aus, breaking down in your home compost or an industrial compost.

Sabi sounds card - Vista Print offer cotton paper stock (unsure of the ink value) but these can be recycled. Although designed to stay with you, between your phone and its case, in your wallet, stuck to your mirror, etc for easy listening. 

Dust-bags - From an etsy supplier, our dust-bags are currently polyester. Designed to stay with you for the lifetime of your Sabi, this is where your pieces should be stored when not using to ensure the longest life of your silver jewellery. We’re currently working on a more sustainable option. Stay tuned

Tissue paper - noissue tissue paper is FSC certified and made from recycled materials. Our branded tissue paper uses soy-based inks whilst the paper is acid, sulphur and lignin free, making it fully home compostable. 

Box - Stanley Packaging die cut boxes are made from recycled materials and are fully home recyclable!